Meet Our Teachers

Steph Lit

Steph’s yoga practice began as a complement to her full-time schedule of teaching indoor cycling and boot camp classes. Her practice has carried on since 2008 and she continues to learn the benefits of consistently showing up to her mat. Today, her practice keeps her grounded, humbled and courageous.

Steph teaches yoga because she wants everyone to experience the gift that her practice has given her: SELF-CARE. Steph hopes to share the benefits of yoga in order to co-create a growing and supportive community that is inclusive and caring. Her gentle (yet fierce!) approach invites all beings to move with the natural rhythm of their body and find strength by knocking down mental limitations in order to reach the goals they truly desire. Steph’s philosophy: Yoga is ALWAYS a good idea!

When Steph isn’t in the studio, she is probably at school pursuing a degree in Naturopathic Medicine, playing with her dog Sigmund, or dancing the night away.

PRONOUN: She/Her/Girlfriend/QUEEN

TEACHING STYLE: Stimulating-both physically and mentally, my class will challenge you to not only move in different ways but, to also think differently about how you move and what that means in your own body. The movement is music-driven and flows to both the beat and your breath. My style is fun and encouraging.

INSPIRED BY: Music and the moon

FAV POSE: Lizard

SONG ON REPEAT: Anything Sofi Tukker


DAILY RITUAL: Morning pages in my journal, a warm cup of tea and snuggles with Siggy 🐾

ZODIAC SIGN: Sag ☀/ Libra 🌙/ Taurus ☝

HOMETOWN: Chatsworth, CA

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: A diehard HIIT and indoor cycling instructor back in 2008, I suffered an injury and my adrenals needed a break. I was encouraged to try a yoga class and despite my resistance, I went to a class at the hot studio in the gym where I worked. I immediately felt like I found a piece of myself I didn’t know I was missing. I did my first YTT 3 months later. 

Claudia Idzardi

Most people are puzzled by my accent, which doesn’t match the appearance. Born and raised in Amsterdam Holland – I made my way to Portland OR in 2000. Somewhat culturally shocked found sanctuary in the spiritual practice of yoga that brought calmness yet confidence in my everyday life. It wasn’t until 2007, I became a certified Yoga Instructor in Vinyasa Flow and never looked back. During the daytime I am a desk jockey – but enjoy teaching after office hours. Due to my background understanding what the body needs and craves for after long hours of immobile sitting positions. Expect my class to be focused on strength and mobility through flow – with a few select challenging poses that are optional and to the discretion of each student. Expect a complete body workout when taking class. Looking forward to seeing you on the mat! 



INSPIRED BY: Bodies telling poetry by movement

FAV POSE: Triangle

SONG ON REPEAT: Anything Van Morrison

FAVORITE PLACE YOU’VE TRAVELED TO: Too many to list; Rome, Barcelona, Poland, Seoul

DAILY RITUAL: Very similar like you 


HOMETOWN: Amsterdam, the Netherlands

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Over 20 years ago – It was a yoga-ish class but ignited the spark for further exploration. Teaching since 2007. 

Adam Latham

Yoga has been a part of my life for over a decade now. I started because of back pain from my job and was immediately hooked. The intentionality of the breath, the range of motion and strength building all combine to make yoga a wonderful form of physical and emotional therapy for me. As I began to deepen my practices, I started seeking other styles, exploring Bikram, Ashtanga, Yin, Hatha, as well as various other blended movement styles that borrowed from the practice. I am a long-time practitioner of Jiujitsu and began to add yoga as an end of class practice to help with the mobility of my friends after a long work out. Eventually I decided to become a certified instructor and am constantly looking for ways to deepen my understanding of the practice and grow my knowledge of the art and of myself.

PRONOUN{S}: He/him/his


INSPIRED BY: Ouma Phommaneth

Favorite YOGA POSE: Virabhadrasana III

SONG ON REPEAT: Velocities- Sleepy Fish




HOMETOWN: I claim Portland, but also Knappa, Oregon

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Hot Yoga For Life! (Technically 24-Hour Fitness, but does that even count?)

Liffany C

Liffany came to yoga as an unsuspecting athlete unaware of what the practice had in store for her. Shortly after taking her first power vinyasa class, she signed up for a 200-hour teacher training and never looked back.

Since then, Liffany has completed multiple 300-hour trainings and intensives across various modalities. As serious as she may seem at first, she brings a level of casual playfulness, and even a little dad joke or three, to her teaching and encourages self-efficacy. Liffany’s classes are often inspired by curiosity of movement and experimental work (outside of the occasional student request, which she very much welcomes.).

Be prepared to work and play in her classes.

PRONOUN: She/her/hers


INSPIRED BY: Everyday movements

FAV POSE: Handstand (Adho Mukha Vrksasana and 1/2 Pigeon (Ardha Kapotasana)

SONG ON REPEAT: Almost too many to list, believe it or not! Some favorites include: Yori Ni Kakeru (YOASOBI), FLY AWAY (Jazztronik), and Acacia (BUMP OF CHICKEN)


DAILY RITUAL: Wake up, train, work, sleep. Rinse and repeat.


HOMETOWN: Los Angeles

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Yoga class in college. Didn’t like it. Now look where I am!

Jamie Shyo

Jamie is an ERYT Yoga instructor with over 13 years of teaching experience. She was the weird kid that was homeschooled on a farm and Yoga was a Jane Fonda VHS tape for my PE. Her dedication to yoga didn’t begin until 2010 when she completed my teacher training at a little yoga school grounded in the Bhakti yoga and Seva tradition. It was there that she learned the practice was ever expansive and cultivated evolution from the inside out.

Jamie’s practice has grown and changed with both her changing body through pregnancy and entering into middle age and has strengthened and fortified her life both on and off the mat. Jamie loves teaching power vinyasa and challenging herself and my students with inventive flows and transitions but most of all she loves witnessing yoga play out in the students’ lives.

Jamie lives in Tualatin Oregon with her husband, son, and dog where she spends her non-teaching time as a software consultant.

PRONOUN{S}: I/Love/You

TEACHING STYLE: Power Vinyasa, Restorative, Posture Clinics

INSPIRED BY: My students. You keep me fresh, motivated and I am always in awe how you show up for yourselves and do the work.

Favorite YOGA POSE: Handstand

SONG ON REPEAT: Nothing Else Matters


DAILY RITUAL: Cup of tea while I catch up on life


HOMETOWN: Incheon Korea

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Jane Fonda Redbook Yoga Tape

Ra Eide

Yoga found Ra in 2019, it quickly made its way into her heart and transformed into a way of life. In 2020, Ra traveled to India to complete her 200-hour RYT in Ashtanga and Vinyasa Flow at Sampoorna Yoga School. Since then, she has been teaching in yoga studios, private classes, corporate settings and retreats.

Ra’s practice is explorative, fun, and lighthearted. Her warm, soft nature and gentle guidance makes every flow accessible to everyone in the room. Whether a beginner or novice yogi, you are sure to leave her class feeling empowered and peaceful.

Ra is passionate about sharing the teachings of yogic philosophy and guiding others in finding the light within themselves. In her spare time, you will find her deepening her relationships, traveling, or soaking up any sun she can find.


TEACHING STYLE: My style is creative and inspiring. I strongly encourage using your breath to guide you through your practice and am always here to meet you where you are at.

INSPIRED BY: Ram Dass, Travel, and Nature

Favorite YOGA POSE: Trikonasana

SONG ON REPEAT: No Captain by Lane 8


DAILY RITUAL: Choosing plant-based foods three times a day!

ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini sun, Libra moon, Capricorn rising


FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: My first experience with yoga was freely moving my body on my mat in my room, having no idea what I was doing.

Merry Convery

I am a RYT 200, with an additional 85 hours in PNYT. I’ve been teaching yoga off and on for the past few years, but mostly raising my kids who are now 19, and 17. I am nurturing by nature and love connecting with people, hearing their stories, learning from them, and really feeling that human connection. Hiking through the forest or walking on the beach fills my cup to the brim, and I treasure any and all moments I get with my big kids.


TEACHING STYLE: Empowering– in both gentle ways and always offering ways to strengthen. I will offer options in my class so you can choose what feels best for your body. Come as you are– even if you just need to lay on your mat, breathe, and connect that day. I will always guarantee a nice and cozy Savasana.

WHAT IS MY PRACTICE INSPIRED BY: The journey of life, motherhood, and all of those who walked through it before me and beside me. My kids inspire me on a daily basis and have taught me so much in this life.

FAVORITE POSE: Malasana; yogi squat — always trying to create more space for these tight hips.

FAVORITE PLACE YOU’VE TRAVELED TO: Tie between Bali and Cuba. Both were so amazingly beautiful and unique in their own way.

DAILY RITUAL: Rise Early, Meditation, Slow gentle movements, make lunch for my son, start my workday. I always like to get in a walk outside and a few trips to the gym each week.


HOMETOWN: Cape Girardeau, MO

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Prenatal yoga when I was pregnant with my daughter Aleyna.  I had no idea how much yoga would impact my life.

Sophia Lamothe

PRONOUN: She/her


INSPIRED BY: My mentor Margo. The healing nature of our bodies and the way movement connects to that. The liveliness of feeling your heartbeat. The release of toxins from sweat. Music to fuel movement. 

FAV POSE: Forward fold with clasped hands or Lizard

SONG ON REPEAT: My Love Mine All Mine by Mitski


DAILY RITUAL: Morning affirmations.

ZODIAC SIGN: Sagittarius, baby!

HOMETOWN: Beaverton, OR.


FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: My close friend and I decided to take a class together at a local yoga studio. We were both dancers growing up, and it was both exciting and intimidating to explore my body in this new way. I had no idea what any of the poses they called out meant or what chaturanga was, but it left me with a hunger to learn and grow more in this practice and I am so glad I did. 

Suzanne Eskandari


TEACHING STYLE: Power Vinyasa, a powerful energetic form of yoga where you move fluidly move from one pose to the next while connecting breath to movement. My flows will typically include a core sequence and peak posture to work up to.

INSPIRED BY: Growing up I always had a lot of energy and I would create silly dance routines when no one was watching. So, practicing vinyasa and coming up with different flows and sequences brings out the kid in me. I also love the mental and physical challenge that yoga brings to the table.

FAV POSE: Birds of Paradise 

SONG ON REPEAT: Yeah! (Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris)

FAVORITE PLACE YOU’VE TRAVELED TO: I know it’s cliche as a yogi to say but Bali~ Runners up Spilt (Croatia), Tokyo, Athens and London. I love to travel!

DAILY RITUAL: Kissing my dog one hundred times, making a pot of coffee and then taking Brie (my dog named after cheese) on a walk.


HOMETOWN: Dallas, Texas 

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: A million years ago I was in college and went to a gentle yoga class at the gym. It was way too slow for me and I swore off yoga as a workout from then on. Fast forward to 2016, a friend invited me to a Power Vinyasa class. It was heated, fast, challenging and had so many dynamic movements. I left drenched in sweat and had no idea what I just did. I’ve been addicted ever since!

Zoe Doudous


TEACHING STYLE: vinyasa, restorative, playful! 

INSPIRED BY: the sences

FAV POSE: Wild thing

SONG ON REPEAT: Angel Olsen – the waiting


DAILY RITUAL: herbal tea concoctions 



FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Meghan Sullivan’s vinyasa class that my mom brought me to!

Kim Szeliga

Yoga started out as a curiosity to me, something that I could try and do a couple times a week. I started with a promotion deal with Pure 8, in April of 2019, and chose to really give it a shot. I wanted to find something that could give me moment of the body, while adding some challenges to exercising.  In 2020, I completed my teachers training with the intention to understand more about the practice. I continued practicing throughout the years and have had many conversations with student at the studio about their journeys with yoga.

I found myself getting inspired by yoga students asking about teacher training and the experiences that I had or that other that went through TT. It made me want to teach. I look forward to sharing a practice with others. To help introduce yoga to those who have never tried. To be inspired by those that have beautiful practices of their own.

PRONOUN: She/her

TEACHING STYLE: Hatha, Vinyasa

INSPIRED BY: People’s passion and curiosity

FAV POSE: Bound Angle Pose or Rested Half Pigeon

SONG ON REPEAT: So many songs go on repeat, from so many genres.


GO TO FOOD: Do I have to choose?

DAILY RITUAL: Waking up to a random song in my head that I bop along to as I get ready for my day.

ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini ♊️

HOMETOWN: Northern California, moved every couple of years

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Pure 8 – Curious about yoga, I tried their 30 for $30

Abby Flynn

PRONOUN: She/ Her/ Hers 

TEACHING STYLE: Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative

INSPIRED BY: Hanuman, Kali, Shiva, Lakshmi, Jesus Christ, Ram Dass & You

FAV POSE: Handstands 

SONG ON REPEAT: Anything Trevor Hall


DAILY RITUAL: My morning Routine (Tongue scraping , Tea Sippin, Journaling & Praying) 

ZODIAC SIGN: Gemini <3

HOMETOWN: San Diego, California

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: When I was 21 years old at a little hot yoga studio right by my beach apartment, little did I know it would completely transform my whole world. 

Wyle O'Neill


TEACHING STYLE: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Restorative, and Nidra.  

INSPIRED BY: I am inspired by the ocean; the sounds of the waves, influenced by the power of the moon, and the unseen depth of life swimming around.  I believe that we are all teachers and all students.  There is always the potential to go deeper and learn. 

FAV POSE: Downdog 

SONG ON REPEAT: Not always on repeat, but definitely a reminder that I am in the right place when I hear ‘Wish You Were Here” – Pink Floyd


DAILY RITUAL: To inhale love and exhale peace.


HOMETOWN: Santa Monica, CA

FIRST YOGA EXPERIENCE: Growing up in southern California my first yoga experience took place in high school.  My quarterback coach was also our P.E. yoga teacher, so every Friday during the off season we would do yoga instead of weight training.