Congratulations and welcome to your mat! Please come to class with a yoga mat, towel and water bottle, as well as wearing comfortable yoga clothing that you can sweat in. It is always best to be hydrated and to come in with an open heart and mind – for the practice and for yourself.

Everyone has a first experience on the mat and we ask that you allow yourself the space for non-judgement so you can be present in the moment. Make sure to check out the class descriptions for the type of flow and level of heat.

For more detailed information for your first yoga class, scroll down.

Yoga mat, towel, water bottle.

The studio is generally a quiet space, so we ask that you leave your mobile device outside the studio.

Definitely – you can find Pure 8 Hot Yoga in Portland on MindBodyOnline’s website or the app.

The heat, in combination with the yoga poses (asanas), provides the maximum benefit to deepen your yoga practice, both mentally and physically. Hot yoga helps you connect with your body in a way that is energizing and empowering, simultaneously detoxifying your body.

Please come 15 minutes before the posted class time to fill out a registration and waiver, get to know your teacher and to set down your mat in the studio space.

Wicking fitted yoga clothing is best, but please practice in what is comfortable for you. You will sweat!

We recommend that you do not eat 2 hours prior to your practice.

Yes, we do offer shower facilities.

Everyone. But most importantly, it is for you.

Beginning Your Practice...

Yoga is a low impact practice that increases flexibility, reduces stress, promotes mindful breathing, and builds strength. Every single body has a first time experience on the mat, here at PURE 8, we highly encourage all new students to take time with their practice and allow for an open mind with no judgement. PURE 8’s highly experienced teachers will guide you to move in new ways and deepen your understanding of your body.

How to Prepare for your First Class...

  • Select a class type from the schedule the works best for you

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to prepare for class, meet the instructor, and see our facilities 

  • Bring a mat, towel and water, and an open mind

  • Wear fitted clothing that you are comfortable moving and sweating in

What you can expect at Kasa Karma...

  • Knowledgeable and Mindful Yoga Teachers – All of our teachers hold a minimum of a 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training program. Each teacher has their own unique teaching style and approach to the practice, but each one emphasizes safety and a mindful practice in the studio. Take advantage of attending as many class times and meeting as many teachers as you can! Check our our instructor page for more detailed information on individual teachers.

  • Clean Studio Amenities – We pride ourselves on constantly maintaining a clean and sparkling studio all day. 

  • Helpful and Friendly Staff – Yoga can be intimidating enough, and each one of our community members remembers their first time stepping into the yoga studio. Our friendly staff will take the time to guide you into your practice and answer any questions you have!

Studio Etiquette Reminders...

To promote everyone’s enjoyment of the practice and facilities, please keep in mind these studio etiquette tips:

  • Arrive to practice on time

  • Observe personal hygiene and avoid heavy perfumes or soaps

  • Respect Quiet Space in studio

  • Honor the practice by allowing time and staying on your mat through savasana

  • Ensure check-in at Front Desk

  • Cancel class reservation in advance if unable to attend class

  • Clean up around mat after practice

  • Avoid disturbing or distracting instructors during practice unless emergency

Ready to book your first class?

Before, During + After Class


We all know that making yoga heated is a game changer in terms of intensity and health benefits. Sometimes, getting yourself to the studio can be a challenge all of it’s own. We want to provide some easy tips on how to prepare for a hot yoga class.  

#1 – HYDRATE!!! We can’t stress this one enough. The health benefits of proper hydration go beyond how to keep up your hot yoga game but for the sake of the hot yoga practice we say it again. HYDRATE! However, avoid chugging a gallon of water right before class; the result would be a rather uncomfortable practice and mostly likely some awkward potty breaks. Instead, aim to drink a glass of water every hour before you show up to the studio.

#2 – Fuel up! You’re going to feel your best during a practice if you show up on a relatively empty stomach. However, if you know that you tend to run low during class it’s a great idea to eat a piece of fruit or a handful of nuts about 45 minutes before class. This is will keep your body in a happy, high performance mode during class and will help to avoid the after class binge. Eating fruit has the added bonus of adding a little more water to your body, too!

#3 – Go Shopping! Depending on your personality this either sounds fun or painful. But investing in the right gear can make all the difference in your yoga practice. Finding the right pants/shorts and top/sports bra can keep your practice flowing freely. The last thing you want is to have your practice interrupted because you are constantly adjusting your clothing. Most sporting brands carry yoga specific technical gear (moisture wicking) with comfortable waist-bands and proper support (girls) so that things stay where you want them while you move.

#4 – Set your foundation. Okay, this is another shopping item but investing in the right mat and mat towel can make a huge difference in your practice. Sliding on your mat during a hot class is not only uncomfortable, but can be dangerous! It doesn’t have to be expensive. Just find a mat that provides the right amount and cushion and grip for your needs. A good mat towel might just be your favorite beach towel, or one that is specially made for yoga. Either way, just make sure it provides some grip so you aren’t sliding all over your mat once the sweat starts to drip (and it will)!

#5 – Adopt the Yogic philosophy of Saucha (Cleanliness). The concept of Saucha applies to both mind and body. Just like working in an organized space increases productivity, having a clean slate for a yoga practice will aid in a progressive experience on the mat. Eating clean will definitely help you feel your best during your practice whereas, adversely, showing up hung over or after a heavy meal will probably not feel very good or help you advance your practice. Obviously, we’ve all been there because, let’s face it, life happens, but making it the exception rather than the rule is going to allow you to reap the benefits more effectively. When approaching Saucha in your mind, consider showing up without expectations. When we show up with ideas of ideals of what we should be able to do in a class we are often setting ourselves up for failure. Drop the judgment at the door and be prepared to just do what you do. That’s all yoga cares about. And that’s certainly all we at PURE 8 care about!

#6 – Get Scheduled. Doing some quick research online and planning which class you are going to and when will help you make yoga a planned part of your day. Making a note on your calendar can serve as a visual reminder that you are making your class a part of your routine. Setting your alarm and packing your bag will help you feel ready and prepared so you don’t feel rushed or defeated before you even get out the door.

#7 – Tell some friends. Accountability is a huge success factor in almost anything you do. Telling some friends or family that you are making yoga a part of your routine can be very motivating and add the element of being able to “report” when people ask you how class was. You might even inspire someone to come with you. Studies show that friends that practice yoga together increase their bond and intensify their connection and loyalty to each other.

#8 – Show up! The Yoga class that makes you stronger and more flexible is the one you go to!


Getting to a Hot Yoga Class can sound pretty intimidating. So often it’s the fear of the unknown that keeps you from trying something new. In yoga we always like so say that, “The closer you get to the unknown, the less unknown it becomes.” In other words, “You don’t know what you’re missing!” Below are 8 things you can expect from a Hot Yoga Practice.

#1 – You’re Going To Sweat – We can’t be too much descriptive than that fact that  a Hot Yoga class is, well, Hot. The sweat will roll. You’re probably better off not worrying about makeup, you might even want to wash your face before class so any lotion you’re wearing doesn’t sting your eyes during class. Be sure to bring at least one towel to keep you from sliding around on your mat and just give into the fact that you’re going to be wet from sweat. But hey, you won’t be alone. In fact, you’ll be in really good company!

#2 – You’re Going To Get Tired – Hot Yoga is intense. And while you will get used to the heat overtime (you might even start to crave it) there are going to be moments that you feel just too tapped to keep pushing forward. In these moments during class it’s really important to respect your edge. Feel free to lie down, take child’s pose, or whatever you need to recover your breath. Try not to run out of the room. Sometimes the shock of going from hot to cold too fast can be even worse for your body. Take sips of water whenever you need to and just do what you can.

#3 – You’re Going To Ask Yourself, “Why?” – Your inner monologue throughout your practice might sound like a prolonged scream and there are, more than likely, a few expletives aimed at the instructor in there, but that’s okay. Yoga instructors are used it. We’re also used to the grumpy faces you all make during class. As long as you just keep doing the best you can you’ll get to our next point:

#4 – You’re Going To Realize, “Why.” – Once class is over you’re going to feel pretty amazing. You’ll still be hot for a while as your body adjusts to a normal temperature. And while you might feel a little shaky walking out of the classroom, you’ll also feel super accomplished. And that sweat you had going on? It will mellow to a pretty sexy “glow” after you’ve had a shower and some water. Over time, you’re going to start being able to do things you never thought you’d even attempt and you’re going to feel pretty darn cool about it!

#5 – You’re Going To Fail – WHAT?! Yup, you’re going to try some things and they just aren’t going to go the way you wanted them to. AND THAT IS A GOOD THING! “The master has failed more times than the apprentice has tried.” Failure is part of the process of learning. Being willing to show up and fall flat is all part of the journey. The important thing is to not get discouraged. The more you try, the better you’ll get. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else in the room. You’re the BEST and ONLY you in the studio. So get on with your bad…er… awesome self!

#6 – You’re Going to Succeed – YAY!! After you’ve had a few failed attempts at crow pose (Bakasana) one day you’ll try it and, well, let’s just say, “NAILED IT.” As long as you keep telling yourself that you can, it WILL happen. Don’t give up. In Yoga we always like to say, “Practice and all is coming.”

#7 – You’ll Start To Practice “Magic.” – After you’ve spent some time acclimating to the heat, learning the postures, getting comfortable in a yoga studio your practice will start to expand beyond just the physical benefits. We can’t help it. It’s just something that happens. We like to refer to this as, “Yoga Magic.” The more you practice you will start to cultivate a deeper understanding of how you approach your challenges outside of a yoga class. You’ll discover that you might breathe deeply during the next annoying meeting you have at work and realize that your blood pressure doesn’t get amped. You might even end up smiling at the guy that cuts you off in traffic. We can’t predict how you’ll take your practice into the world, but we can tell you it will happen.

#8 – You’ll Want More – We all take the occasional hiatus from the yoga studio. Sometimes it’s vacation or outside obligations but the more you practice the more you’ll want to practice. Taking a “vacation” from yoga, generally results in a deep desire to get back into a yoga class ASAP! Even if you are new to yoga, you’ll notice that the days you go to Yoga you feel so much better. What can we say? Oh, that’s right! “NAMASTE!”


Congratulations! You just completed a sweat filled, kick butt, Hot Yoga class. Now what? Below are 8 tips for recovering from a Hot Yoga Practice.

#1 – Hydrate – A huge part of recovery is restoring the balance and replenishing lost water from all that sweat is important for so many reasons. We recommend drinking at least 10-12 oz. of water right after class. Water will also help fight post practice fatigue and any light-headedness you might experience during class.

#2 – Get Electric – You’re not just losing water in all that sweat you’re giving to the yoga mat. Electrolytes are a vital part of human nutrition and aid in the electrical charge in your muscles, nerves and brain! You can get electrolytes in any number of drinks or powders but we like to keep it all natural at the studio and offer coconut water in our fridge. Whatever you choose, just know that electrolytes have a huge range of benefits, including lowered blood pressure. So turn on the Electro-Lights!

#3 – Come Prepared – Bring a change of clothes so that you can get out of damp and sweaty clothes. This is especially important in the winter months when you’ll want something to bundle up in so you aren’t shocking your muscles going from a hot room to a freezing parking lot. Short on time and making the dash for the car in those wet clothes? Bring an extra towel or two to drape over the driver’s seat for that uncomfortable drive home.

#4 – Use Studio Provided Resources – We’ve got you covered for that post practice clean up! Feel free to use up the studio’s shampoo, conditioner, body wash and hair dryer so you can feel fresh before dashing to your next adventure. Be sure to stop by our water fountain to fill up that water bottle before you head out the door!

#5 – Eat Right – You’re body needs the right kind of nutrition to recover and build muscle after a class. The right kind of carbs and protein are the key to taking your yoga benefits to the next level. Consuming protein provides the amino acids necessary for muscle repair and growth and aids in the absorption of water and boosts the immune system. Consuming carbs replenishes your glycogen stores in your muscles so you burn fat instead of sugar. Aim for a light snack within 30 minutes of practice. A small piece of fruit and a handful of nuts, a protein bar or a smoothie are great options.

#6 – Listen To Your Body – Yoga is all about self-awareness. After a sweaty session in the studio, check in with your body and run a mental diagnostic on how you are feeling and why. Your body might be telling you to mellow out for the rest of the day or it might tell you that you’re ready for the next challenge. Whatever it is, respect your body and honor it by not pushing it too hard. You’ve just completed a Hot Yoga Session, after all. Bad-assery is already implied.

#7 – Rest Up – The benefits of a full 8 hours of sleep are compound. And sleep after a tough yoga practice is even more beneficial because that’s when your body repairs and experiences new tissue development. Skipping on sleep means skipping some of the benefits of your yoga practice. Aim to go to bed a few minutes earlier on practice days.  

#8 – Bask In Your Own Glory – Post a Social Media Selfie of your amazing yoga poses, tell your pals over cocktails about your recent yoga discoveries, write down your accomplishments in your journal or just sit and meditate on how amazing you are. You really should be quite proud of yourself and letting the world know about it is probably quite inspiring. You never know, you might cultivate a following and start a trend of yoga in your community. Whatever it is, just know, we sure think you’re great and want everyone to know it!

We can't wait to see you on the mat!