Class Styles

Kasa Karma Hot Yoga is a welcoming, home-grown yoga studio that supports all students on their journey with yoga. Whether you are beginning yoga or have been practicing for a while, we have a space for you to explore and deepen your practice.

Locally owned in Beaverton Oregon, we offer a variety of styles from power vinyasa to restorative classes.

Kasa Karma is a space welcoming any and all students to strengthen their mind and body.  Our instructors foster a community of inclusion and acceptance both on the mat and off. Our instructors support the path to strength and personal growth, giving you an authentic connection to your own unique journey.

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A powerful and energetic Power Vinyasa practice set to music in a heated studio to stimulate your physical and mental space. Our experienced teachers will guide you through flowing dynamically between yoga poses while connecting your breath to your movements – offering challenging, rewarding and meaningful time spent on the mat.

Basic Vinyasa

Basics explores the fundamental principals of yoga poses, alignment, and breath work. Our skilled teachers will provide guidance through understanding the importance of stability in moving mindfully from pose to pose in a Vinyasa practice.Basics is designed to meet the needs of new practitioners as well as those seeking continued understanding.

Gentle Movement & Yoga Nidra

Class Description: This class encompasses an opening sequence of mindful movement to contribute to depending your Yoga Nidra practice. This is a non-heated class, provided with props to enhance the relaxation of your practice.

We encourage you to bring props from home, such as blankets, cushions, and blocks.

Level: Beginner – Advanced – accessible to all bodies


Music: Yes


A more playful approach to the traditional yoga practice. Our knowledgeable teachers will lead you through a series of yoga poses designed to ground you down and move you deeper into your practice. Find your presence in moving gracefully through a balanced practice intended to detoxify the body.


Restore is designed to release tension and deepen yoga poses, allowing space for stillness and exploration in the present. Our mindful teachers will guide you through a combination of yin and restoration yoga poses intended to center your breath and body, aligning the physical and mental by holding passive yoga poses for extended breath cycles.


A more challenging and vigorous Power Vinyasa practice designed to take you to the next level. Our intelligent teachers will guide you to flow dynamically through yoga postures, taking your already developed practice to explore the depths of where you can expand and grow both physically and mentally. Advanced asanas in full expressions, creative transitions, inversions, arm balances, and full backbends will be offered. 

Private Yoga Classes

Looking for a more personal touch?

Develop and deepen your personal yoga practice with a private, one-on-one session lead by one of our diverse, talented, and knowledgable staff. Private sessions here at Kasa Karma provide the opportunity for more individualized body assessment, as well as the space to tailor the practice to your specific needs. Individual or small group yoga sessions also provide a protected space for those working with injury or limitation.

Whether you are looking to explore the meaning of the 8 Limbs of Yoga, learn to breakdown fundamental yoga poses or to learn how to use your breath, or how to develop your meditation practice, we are happy to help guide you through your personal development towards your goal. 

Private Session pricing available upon request.

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